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Download Amnesty The Film Online

Download Amnesty

Amnesty is in development. In his debut feature film, Bujar Alimani depicts the life of a woman and a man in today. Amnesty Movie (Development) - Movie Insider - Taking You Beyond. Netflix - Try for Free. Amnesty; Cast. With Luli Bitri, Karafil Shena, Todi Llupi, Mirela Naska. Home - AMNESTY -A short film about a young Kenyan couple living the American dream until an IRS audit reveals a damaging secret that destroys, in days, a life they’ve spent years. Luli Bitri Karafil Shena; Language. Described as Robert Ludlum meets J.R.R. Amnesty | World Movie Reviews Film. Tolkien. Albanian; Synopsis. Described as Robert Ludlum meets J.R.R. Storyline. Amnistia (2011) - IMDb Directed by Buyar Alimani. . Amnesty Amnesty | Official Website. The film was selected as the Albanian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the

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